About Review-Renew


English Name:Review-Renew
Chinese Name:宝博特云
Date of Birth:October 1, 2003


Review-Renew is a common IT studio with an uncommon experience since October, 2003, and has regarded IT Development as the Key Career since 2009.

2016Review-Renew published its mobile website in December.
2015Review-Renew published its own Official WeChat Account in December.
2014Review-Renew published its own website "Review-Renew.com" in October.
2012Review-Renew published its Taobao Online Store.
2011Review-Renew started its International Development.
2009Review-Renew started its Graphic Design and Video Production.
2006Review-Renew started its Social Media Promotion since its first Official Qzone.
2005Review-Renew started its IT and Network Development since its first QQ.
2003Review-Renew started Drawing, Writing, Demo Slides, and Information Collection.