English Name:IIXRR / Review-Renew
Chinese Name:宝博特云
Date of Birth:October 1, 2003


2018IIXRR released its Cover Album in memory of 15 Year Anniversary.
2017IIXRR started its Column TOMORROW in May.
2016IIXRR published its mobile website in December.
2015IIXRR published its own Official WeChat Account in December.
2014IIXRR published its own website "Review-Renew.com" in October.
2012IIXRR published its Taobao Online Store.
2011IIXRR started its International Development.
2008IIXRR started its Graphic Design and Video Production.
2006IIXRR started its Social Media Promotion since its first Official Qzone.
2005IIXRR started its IT and Network Development since its first QQ.
2003IIXRR started Drawing, Writing, Demo Slides, and Information Collection.